My 2 year old Locs!


💫Celebrating 2 years!!!!💫


I am proud to say that on April 8th 2016 my Locs turned 2! Can I get a hand clap in the house! This has been such a frustrating, indecisive, emotional, and awesome journey all wrapped up into one! When I was contemplating getting them done I was fearful of making a commitment because it just sounded so permanent! It’s really about what you want to achieve with your own hair and how it fits into your lifestyle. Do you realize that hair is a BIG part of our society? A lot of money and time are spent on maintenance and styling. As women we all take pride in our hair.  It has to be done right in order for us to feel and look good!


💫Day 1💫

On the day I went to get my starter Locs nervousness entered its way into my heart. My eyes kept peeking in the mirror to see if I really liked the reflection of what I saw. The feeling of sorrow took over my body as I walked out the door that day because it didn’t look like the pictures I had been crushing on of other people.  I was a newbie.  As the time went by I began to appreciate MY own hair paired with some banging earrings, fleeky eyebrows, and a smile!

A new exciting feeling came within a couple of weeks and it finally set in that I had actually did it!  I had to trust my journey and realize that every head of Locs is unique and beautiful including mine. Starting my Locs gave me a new perspective on taking care of my hair and achieving a low maintenance regimen.  A fresh retwist is not always necessary for me and I enjoy the frizzy roots.  Majority of the time I choose to wear a curly style (Bantu knot out or pin curls) because I just adore it and it’s easier to maintain. One of the most important things I learned was to have patience and it is definitely paying off!


💫Year 1


💫Made it to year 2💫

I chose to embark on a journey that not only had me compromising my short, unruly coils, but taught me to embrace the many stages of my Locs. In the beginning it seemed like every other day I just wanted to take it down or shave it off! I figured it was just hair and it will grow back as it has done many times before! Instead I chose to sit back and let my hair do its own thing.  Although I was wishing for speedy growth, in real time molasses was truly on my side.  Don’t rush the time instead enjoy each day.  Experiment with accessories, head wraps, and jewelry. You will be suprised how creative you can get.

If you are considering starting Locs I encourage you to do it!  I have endured great support from family and friends as well as the online loc community! Take many pictures along the way to capture your journey.  Each stage that my hair went thru I truly felt it from getting used to the fuzziness that comes about from the new growth, styling options, dryness, and gaining length!  I wouldn’t change anything and I wish I started mine earlier.  I have literally fell in love!  I am anxiously looking forward to year 3!  Feel free to share your hair journey’s with me.


Yours truly,

😘 Monalisa G.






  1. LATASHA CROSS · April 16, 2016

    Very inspiring


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