imageIt’s like re-living a nightmare


I wake up to take on the misery of

the world

and the war in my mind

I don’t know if I should stand up

and shout–

“My country tis of thee,

sweet land of Liberty,” or say I


Lose, L-o-s-e… you say?..

Lose myself in a thought so real

But yet so fake

What is it you take from me?

A proud woman from the south

or a broken woman with no respect

for anyone negative

and talks real loose with the mouth

Fighting the urge to reach my hand

out for you

but only can think of the thought

Of being rejected

She can now learn to fly

Left alone to find herself

in a new place

that she can finally call her own

It gets easier each day to say


in her new found home…


Monalisa G.


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