Closet Freekz

I had the pleasure to sit down and chat with Ash, the proud owner of Orlando’s clothing store Closet Freekz!  I must say I am pretty impressed with how much information was shared with me today and I can’t wait to give you all the details. So let’s jump right in!

Me: Heeeey Ash! I want to know how you got started with Closet Freekz and what does that name mean to you?

Ash: Closet Freekz got started in my own house in my own closet and it was the idea that you can wear whatever makes you feel confident even if it’s not something necessarily popular or trendy. I felt like a lot of people our age or younger in society don’t have the freedom to go in their closet and make who they want to be today. So that’s why I spelled it F- R -E -E -K -Z!  It went from there into a situation where we can create who we are everyday regardless of popularity or being cool but still having your own individuality.  That’s how the items are chosen to be sold in the store.

Me: I see some pretty funky pieces in here so can you tell me the style inspiration for Closet Freekz?

Ash: The style inspiration changes monthly because each season I pull together a collection of ideas and designs. These peices are populated within a series of new vintage wholesale items.

For example an idea for a collection of denim could literally change by the month depending on what people like about the different styles and trends that can be made from the items.

That’s the cool thing about it and I always tell people you will never find these one of a kind pieces again.  We get to create new things and bring back some old ones. You can re-invent your style seasonally. We all go thru that phase and say that worked for summer but now I need a new look for fall. There are not too many places that you can go and pin point a special something you are looking for.  Aside from thrifiting you can randomly find original items. I try to keep enough pieces in stock so that you can possibly try something new such as that army fatigue look, a jumpsuit, or a jacket. Thrifting doesn’t allow you to have the abundance of variety to choose from so I try to have it available. If you want to re-invent yourself we give you your own paint to do that with!

Me: I agree people can creatively have an idea of what they want to wear in their mind and your store helps to bring that to light.  Can you tell me about when you felt the need to venture out and create Closet Freekz?

Ash: So I finished school and did a year in the military. I traveled a lot and began to get restless and I was just like a lot of us (in our 20’s and 30’s) thinking like what’s next!

—we both shared a giggle and I knew exactly what she meant.

We spend our time traveling and getting to know ourself during this transition.

I saw another lady start her business and I figured hey I could start a business since I’m already business minded.  People were already asking me for my clothes out my closet anyway.  I don’t have any sisters so sharing clothes was not anything I was used to doing. I just gave my clothes away. I came up with the concept of coming up with peices of clothing I would risk trying and put them up for sale to see who else would try them out.

Me: So you were always a trendsetter I see! Can you explain your own personal style?

Ash: Uuum NO! And I think that is the best part of my style it always changes. Shopping for me is the worst thing somebody could ever do.

Me: Totally understand the same here for me!

Ash: I can’t explain my style because it is eclectic it is evolutionary and always changing. In my mind my idea of what I want to present is also changing. I am a canvas for my consumers because I like to introduce my buyers to new pieces. My comfort clothes are sports wear. Once your able to pinpoint your style I think you should change it.

Me: I agree on changing your style up lol! What else are you pursuing besides Closet Freekz?

Ash: I will be getting a a few other stores opened for Closet Freekz as well as some brand ambassador work for an athletic brand. (She can’t spill the beans yet on the company). I operate an online radio station where live radio space is sold and Co-own a management and PR firm that will officially start in the fall. I’m always about taking a little bit and turning it into alot! Those are a few things I have under my belt and who knows what else is in store.

Me: Your a busy little lady and you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. So my last question for you is what advice would you give a person looking into entrepreneurship?

Ash: The typical thing to say is apply yourself and anything you want to do and dream of will come true. I’m not going to say that because I don’t think it’s that simple. I feel like that attitude makes it seem like it’s for everyone and entrepreneurship is NOT for everyone. It is for the savages!

It’s for people who don’t mind taking out of their mouths, the clothes off their backs, and pillows under their heads to give to a business.” 

To give to something no one can see yet even when it just starts with an idea. It’s not glamorous and for the people in our generation they think being an entrepreneur means working when you want and sitting on a yacht while money is coming in. Those are goals that we look forward to, the same way as being a VP in a company.


“It starts with hard work and a sacrifice. Sacrificing your lifestyle to give to an opportunity and alot of it is unseen! Most people can’t see what your trying to do. Hopefully you will get supported by family and people who can trust in you whether they see it or not.”

On the worst case scenario you don’t have people that understand what your doing .  So you just have to know that your doing it for a purpose. You see your own vision and have to clarify the parts that keep pushing you to be successful. A lot of people don’t make it because they don’t push thru the storm. They feel like it should be free and full of sunshine. The only thing people see is the sunshine on the outside. They will never see what you had to sacrifice and put yourself thru to learn what it is your trying to do. Then on top of that to get people to support it. I don’t take support lightly! Every customer and client that could see what I did visually to me is one more person that I’ve accomplished.

I remember when it was just me that could see it and that’s a really big deal. Evaluate what is for you and if it’s for you don’t be so quick to give up or second guess yourself. It won’t be easy and hopefully you still can push thru the hard times. Once you get to the other side and are helping people with a service you provided it’s more rewarding than any other profession because you created it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s fashion, art, music, cupcakes, etc just something that your passionate about and your helping people.

✨”It was a purpose put in you that has flourished and now people can eat the fruit and enjoy it!”✨

That’s the full circle of entrepreneurship. It’s a great feeling but everybody isn’t meant to do it.

Me: Whew! I thank you for being real and explaining that obstacle because  like you said everybody doesn’t see the hard work that you have to go thru. I think you are doing a wonderful thing and I appreciate you for that! I definitely look forward to seeing what’s in your future! 

To keep up with Ash and her future endeavors you can follow her on social media! Don’t forget to check out Closet Freekz and tell her I sent ya 😘

420 E. Church St

Orlando, FL 32801

Instagram: @closetfreekz @ashcashmoney



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