An emoji style world

emojis, tye dyeHere is something to think about. A conversation can be skewed by emojis to have you thinking that the person you are talking to is completely fine. In other news behind that phone there is someone wishing and hoping that they find the courage to tell you that they aren’t ok. We live in a world where people are hurting from whatever life has thrown their way. They put on a facade out of hopes of being that happy go lucky guy or gal. When you have a chat with your family or friend genuinely ask them “are you ok?” It’s ok to not have it all together in the snap of a finger but atleast you have opened up the line of communication so that dialogue can be exchanged. When you have people in your corner that actually care to listen it makes it all better. Releasing your feelings is a good way to manage your mental health instead of keeping it all inside. I encourage you to extend yourself today to that person that is waiting on that check up!
Yours truly,

😘 Monalisa G. 



  1. LaTasha Harrington · August 25, 2016

    Love this💞 Communication is Key!


    • monalisagblog · August 25, 2016

      Thank you! Yes it’s all about communicating with one another!


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