When you care about something bigger than yourself then you will find true happiness! Well that’s what the documentary said that I just tuned all the way in to (HAPPY)! I truly have belief in that statement but I’m still trying to connect the dots. Appreciate the small things that you have. Blessings come in all sizes and just be thankful is what I know to ring true. As each day goes by I have constantly been hard on myself for slow progress. But that’s better than no progress right?  I have been exploring the depths of my own mind inch by inch. I find myself drifting on a journey that is not fully complete. I know that I need not be here nor there but somewhere my eyes have yet to see. Please book me a one way ticket to Zamunda! I’ll wait…or I can hop on social media and take a ride in somebody else’s fairy tale lane! Ha! Walking thru a tropical jungle on a rainy day or streaming down the river watching the wild animals play….Yikes… What’s next?  I now know that it’s ok to take a step back and just be caught up in life. As long as I opened my eyes to see another 24 hours I am forever grateful. When your plan in your mind does not equal where your at today it can be intimidating. I think I’m missing the bigger picture here. (Isn’t that the whole point of blogging? Rhetorical question lol!) The road on that journey makes it even better I guess. It creates substance, character, and perhaps a story to tell. Slow yourself down and allow yourself to feel everything that’s happening. I recently attended a workshop on mindfulness and the most important tip I took from it was to be counscious and present in everything that you do.  All things happen for a reason although I’m not sure why…it will always reveal itself in due time. I’m not rushing this thang just talking you thru it with me. Here is what I have been reflecting on for quite awhile it may sync with your thoughts and you may have others:

  • Pray
  • Keep smiling
  • Enjoy family and friends
  • Get a great support system
  • Don’t be afraid to dream
  • Don’t waste time on people/things that don’t elevate you
  • Be kind.
  • Say no!
  • Trust actions/intuition
  •  Follow your heart 
  • intimate moments need to be just that 
  • Take your time
  • Be open for suggestions/ideas from others but stick to what you know in your mind
  • Express yourself! 

Stop spending the clock on anything that does not give you a pep in your step, a stride in your walk, and some feel good energy! What do you care about that will bring you true happiness? 

Dress: Thrifted 

Shoes: Agaci

Sunnies: Queensunnies

Yours truly,

Monalisa G. 😘



  1. Andrea · October 11, 2016

    I have a problem with saying no and taking my time. I want everything to happen immediately.


    • monalisagblog · October 11, 2016

      I had a problem with saying no but now I don’t because it is far more important to choose whether I have the time or energy for things! Everything will happen in its own time…nothing great happens at the snap of a finger😉


  2. Latasha · October 11, 2016

    Absolutely inspiring I needed to hear this


    • monalisagblog · October 11, 2016

      I’m glad you did…I’ve been trying to figure this thing out!


  3. Skye Charlie · October 12, 2016

    Loving the visuals and your message. Number 1 go to #prayer #blm


    • monalisagblog · October 12, 2016

      Thank you! Yes gotta stay uplifted in prayer it’s the only way! 😊


  4. Shayla Rene' · October 25, 2016

    I love this!


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